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Matera welcomes Salvador Dalì

by | Mar 20, 2019 | 0 comments

Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 enriches its cultural heritage by hosting an exhibition of the genius of surrealism Salvador Dali. Can you find a more appropriate choice than the artistic combination between the city of Matera and the artist Salvador Dali? The city of stones is surely surreal, to walk in the narrow streets with steep staircases, to discover the inside of the houses that penetrate the inside of the rock, to observe from above the thousand lights of a permanent crib, to imagine life here … There is no doubt! It leaves you speechless and astonished, incredulous!

The exhibition is called “The Persistence of Opposites”. Enhancing the millenary uniqueness of Matera by combining it with the genius and depth of thought of Dalì: this is the double value of the exhibition, defined as “a unique exhibition in the world”. The works are all kept and can be visited inside the cave complex with the exception of 3 monumental sculptures: ‘The spatial elephant’, ‘The surrealist floor’ and ‘The dance of time II’ which have been exhibited in the streets of the historic center .

“Dalì can guide us in Matera in a unique path inside the rock churches”, explains Daliza universe coordinator for international activities, Patriza Minardi, “Salvador Dalì has dealt above all with the theme of contrasts and opposites between full and empty and today we find ourselves in a rocky complex where there is a natural sculpture that is just a fullness and there is to discover the internal life of this complex that is made up of emotions, prayers, religions and time. All topics addressed by Dalì. We brought it here so that the public can experience Matera through Dali and Dali through Matera ”.